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Joseph L.
United States United States
Thoughts about T Tool

The shape, quality, and versatility of this item is amazing and unparalleled. The rounded bevel is the game-changer that makes this stand out from all the graston, faktor, rockblade, etc. Like with any art, it may take some time to learn which side/face works best with certain anatomical regions. The quality and weight of the metal is superb too!

Ivan T.
Great tool!

Fits in my hand well and all of the working areas are easy to handle with great control which is very important to have while you are manipulating a clients tissues and not causing client pain or tissue damage. This took is happily becoming one of my favorite tools with so many variables and variations for good tissue work. Thank you for a great tool to save my hands and be able to do great bodywork as well to prolonging my career.

Jim N.
Extremely Useful

If you do any soft-tissue work at all you have to get the T-Tool! It's easy to use and very effective even through clothing. Fantastic on hips! Save your hands!

Mark S.
Patients like it

It's a versatile tool I've used other IASTM tools for almost 20 years and this gives you the ability to do everything the others do with one tool, and it's easy to hold.

Chris C.
The Tool That Saves My Hands

I’ve been treating my patients using traditional IASTM instruments for 11 years. After a while using them on majority of my patients, I do experience hand fatigue often times getting various wrist strains. Using the T-Tool has been a game changer! So versatile and ergonomically convenient, I could easily use it for typical IASTM strokes and into trigger point therapy or other traditional manual soft tissue therapy techniques typically using my hands. Even patients find it forgiving when applied! Great job to the developers of this “tool”!