T Tool

Save Your Hands

T Tool was built to save your hands while allowing you to perform world class soft tissue treatment


The IASTM World is No Longer Flat

T Tool was built from the ground up to be the most comfortable, versatile, and ergonomically comfortable tool for both you and your clients. The next generation is here.

The All in One You've Been Waiting for

With multiple treatment surfaces and hand-saving grips, T Tool is the all in one soft tissue treatment tool you've been waiting for. No more tired hands. No more compromises.

Built by Providers for Providers

We built this tool to save your hands. Period. We took our years of experience working on clients and fatiguing our own hands to save yours.

T Tool Surfaces

Rounded Headpiece

The rounded headpiece can be used to compress tissue or you can use the rim for scraping style work

Long Bevel

Use the long beveled edge for scraping style work where you want a more blunt edge and cover a large surface area

Narrow Bevel

Hold the tool comfortably by the headpiece and use the narrow beveled edge for more focused IASTM work

The Narrow Bevel

When using The Narrow Bevel, grab T Tool by the rounded headpiece. This comfortable grip allows you to provide great treatment without hand fatigue.

The Rim and The Dome

The rounded headpiece has two treatment surfaces, The Dome and The Ridge. Here you can see the way you can comfortably hold T Tool while using these two treatment surfaces.

The Wide Bevel

Grab the T Tool by the rounded headpiece and use the wide bevel to treat larger surface areas with a scraping style technique. The bevel is purposefully not sharp.

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